Seeking for New Molecular Architectures

Working in the field of “Physical Organic Chemistry”, we wish to find new connections between physics and chemistry in the language of molecules. With design and synthesis of molecules as our firm bases, we explore interdisciplinary fields such as nanoscience and materials science. Please have a look at our molecules.



The group started the journey on May 1, 2007.

Selected Molecules

“What can we learn about nanocarbons/carbonaceous materials from aromatic molecules?” 
This is one typical question that we tackle with our molecules that mimic structures of nanocarbons. Our molecules give discrete structures and shapes to nanocarbons that are intrinsically produced as chemical species (a mixture) by physical methods. The chemistry of aromatic molecules dates back centuries to Faraday’s distillation and Kekulé’s dream and has played an important role to form fundamental bases of our modern chemistry. “Nanocarbon molecules” are novel “aromatic molecules” that possess intriguing features such as curved π-systems and beautiful symmetry. Their chemistry is also rooted in classic aromatic chemistry but is clarifying new features that is of interest in relevant fields like materials science and molecular physics.



In our works, we develop novel methodologies and provide tools/materials for nanocarbon-related science.


A History

Physical Organic Chemistry, Univ. of Tokyo
1965-1988 Michinori OKI
1988-1995 Hiizu IWAMURA
1995-2016 Eiichi NAKAMURA
2016-Present Hiroyuki ISOBE

Organic Chemistry II, Tohoku Univ.
1926-1933 Hiroshi NOMURA
1933-1963 Shinichiro FUJISE
1963-1969 Koji NAKANISHI
1969-1995 Hideki SAKURAI
1995-2007 Mitsuo KIRA
2007-2016 Hiroyuki ISOBE